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In 1982 keyboardist/vocalist Ralph Torres joined a band called Private Sector where he met drummer Steve Gaynor. At one of their gigs Ralph met guitarist/vocalist Robert Gonzalez. Ralph and Robert became fast friends before Ralph discovered that he had replaced Robert in the band (awkward!).

In early '83 Ralph and Steve met Bobby Dean Miller - a guitarist/vocalist who was intent on sharing the songs he was writing. Ralph and Steve loved Bobby's songs and couldn't wait to get in touch with Robert to complete the foursome (Robert on bass). The first jam made it obvious that a collaboration was inevitable - the songs that resulted gave them an imperative to focus on this new partnership exclusively. Bobby Dean already had the name: The Sedans.

Summer of '83 saw the guys begin a flurry of activity that included LOTS of rehearsal, party gigs, several choice opening gigs, two "battle of the band" victories and plenty of attention and accolades from local listeners, journalists and luminaries. Life was good.

By '85 The Sedans had racked up a list of gigs throughout Southern California and garnered the attention of more than a few decision makers from the big city an hour west on Highway 60. A friend allowed them access to his hobby 8-track "studio" and Ralph engineered and mixed a rough demo that they felt good enough to shop around.

Of course, fast success and playing to full rooms of enthusiastic fans can have a big effect on anyone - and the guys certainly took full enjoyment of the spotlight and all the fun that comes along with it. Egos inflated, differences emerged, and the celebrating was, at times, not entirely beneficial to the goals they had set. In late 1985 the lineup imploded. Three of the four carried on with a surrogate guitarist but the spark was weak and before long completely expired.

Robert and Ralph continued to work together in various projects through the mid '90s. Bobby Dean left town to play music in Arizona (and later L.A.) and Steve continued to serve as timekeeper for countless Southern California projects.

In 2007 Bobby Dean and Steve reconnected and began working on new songs. They found Ralph and invited him to sit in. They had fun, but distance and time commitments kept them from doing much more than the occasional jam session.

In early 2011 all four Sedans met to discuss (and plan) a one-off reunion show (including their old guitarist buddy Mike Geoghegan - the Fifth Sedan). The first rehearsal - much like that first jam in '83 - convinced them that their unique combination was far too fun and rewarding to enjoy for only one gig. It was also a must to finally capture - with today's audio technology - those special songs they had carried with them for 26 years.

They completed the "Outside Of Town" EP in May 2011 with Producer/Engineer Phil O'Keefe at his Sound Sanctuary Recording Studio and introduced the set at a successful reunion show at the Fender Center Rhythm Lounge in Corona, California.

And so, the successful reunion of old friends is complete, and The Sedans shall continue to roll through the Inland Empire and Southern California with a tight and melodic live show featuring classic and new songs from Bobby Dean, Ralph and the rest of the guys.


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